[CentOS] slow system

Sat Jan 13 05:16:55 UTC 2007
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Craig White wrote:
>>> I have software RAID level 1 and the mirrored drives are the master &
>>> slave on the primary controller and I'm thinking that is my mistake.
>>> Is there a simple method for changing the configuration of md before I
>>> switch the slave drive to be the slave on the secondary controller?
>> I think they will pair up automatically if you shut down cleanly
>> and move the connector.  If not, just 'mdadm --add' it back after
>> it comes up with a missing member.  If you have to add it back,
>> the drives will have to resync so there is a small risk of
>> failure during the process.
> ----
> great thanks - am I right in thinking that having both mirrored drives
> on the same controller master/slave is likely a cause of slowness?

It will make some difference on writes, but reads should only
be done on one of the drives anyway.  I doubt if it makes a huge
difference unless you have an application writing all the time.

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