[CentOS] Firewalling SMTP

Sun Jan 14 14:08:38 UTC 2007
Don Knott <dknott123 at gmail.com>


If you firewall smtp to only accept connections from your 3 internal hosts,
you won't get any inbound email from outside since external hosts can't
reach the smtp server. Outbound mail will work ok from that server or the 3
firewall allowed internal hosts.

POP is for retrieving email from the server.

If your goal is to have the CentOS box serve as a mail gateway for inbound &
outbound email, you'd use /etc/mail/access to control how sendmail handles
connections from hosts. In that file you'd give your 3 internal hosts
permission to relay mail through that server.

On 1/14/07, Denis Croombs <denis at croombs.org> wrote:
> I have a Centos server and I want to only accept mail for the local users
> from 3 mail servers, but I still want the users to be able to send emails
> through this server, If I firewall the SMTP port to my 3 mail servers is
> there any way users will be able to still send via the main POP server ?
> (currently using Sendmails SMTP-Auth)
> Thanks
> Denis
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