[CentOS] Ignoring DDC settings on Xorg

Sun Jan 14 22:30:22 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

first last wrote:
> I am trying to set up a new 1400x900 widescreen monitor, but I just
> cannot get it to work correctly. The closest I get is 1400x900, which
> causes lots of vertical blur bands.

I am having some difficulty understanding the difference between 
1400x900 and 1400x900.

Perhaps you could take a few moments to clarify and check each 
resolution you mention?
> I have tried with two different machines with i945 and ATi cards,
> running CentOS 4 and Ubuntu, always with the same result.

My experience with Intel graphics is it's usually difficult; I have a 
Dell GX270 with onboard Intel graphics and, in FC6, it doesn't work at 
in any useful sense. (Note, with coaxing, it works in EL5 beta, SLES and 
SUSE 10.1). And that's with a monitor running at  1280x1024.

> My investigations indicate that the monitor reports itself to be
> "1440x900". It also supports 1600x1200 by squashing the pixels
> together, so it also advertises support for that resolution, which
> messes things up.
> According to the documentation I have seen online, disabling DDC (using
> NoDDC and DCC "off") and setting the correct modeline should work, but
> it always reverts to 1440x900 (if I am lucky).
> Any ideas on how to force it to the right resolution? It really is
> driving me nuts not being able to use the monitor to the native
> resolution.

You could try reading the messages written to the Xorg log file in /var/log
> Thanks
> Gabriel
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