[CentOS] Centos 4.4 install on ASUS A8V-VM does not find SATA drives

Wed Jan 17 07:21:46 UTC 2007
nethub at gmail.com <nethub at gmail.com>

We tried to get that board working for hours.

The major problem was that even after we used a cheap SATA PCI 
controller to get it up and running, the onboard Ethernet port was unstable.

I'd highly recommend putting this board on eBay and getting the Asus 
A8N-VM, which has the nVidia chipset that works.  That's what we ended 
up doing.

Don Levey wrote:
> Yes, I know someone last week asked a similar question (Problem with ASUS
> P5VD2-X X SATA II) but the only answer I saw on that thread was the
> equivalent of "I've heard it's bad so I won't do it."  Unfortunately, that
> doesn't help me much.
> The BIOS does indeed recognise my two SATA hard drives, and I've got the
> BIOS set to "IDE" (which disables "hardware" RAID but not the SATA but
> itself).  The install routine for Centos, however, does not seem to
> recognise that the drives are there (or even that the VIA bridge exists via
> auto search); if I try to manually select it I'm told it found a VIA
> VT86c100A Rhine-II PCI (via-rhine).  Setting to AHCI does not seem to have
> an effect.  I was hoping to use software RAID, and so didn't want to enable
> RAID on the motherboard.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to either nudge the installation,
> or configure the hardware, to find the SATA drives so I can configure RAID?
> This is a NEW install on new drives, so it's not as if I've got an existing
> configuration I'm trying to augment.
> Thanks in advance,
>  -Don
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