[CentOS] centos driver disk?

Thu Jan 18 20:47:01 UTC 2007
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

Steve Huff wrote:
> the recent discussion of support for Promise SATA drives reminded me 
> that a while back i remember reading about a project to assemble a 
> driver disk to provide wider hardware support than just stock CentOS.  
> how's that coming along?  i don't see anything in the wiki about it...
> as i have a vested interest in this project (since i'm still relying 
> on old MegaRAID controllers), i'd be willing to help out with it.  
> what's the current status, and what needs doing?
> thanks,
> -steve
Personally, I could seriously use one with good support for those crusty
old megaraid controllers that doesn't involve the use of a floppy drive, I
have an old PE6450 that I can't seem to get anything useful to run on, and
it's old internal FDD is dead, and grafting a fresh one in didn't even 
work after a lot of hassle/time spent.  In general, as wide as possible 
of driver
support, possibly selectable in the install process, or with a decently 
workaround to enable/disable would be the shizzle.


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