[CentOS] http://www.net-dns.org/ and perl-Net-DNS-0.48-1 upgrade direction needed

Thu Jan 18 21:00:03 UTC 2007
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

R Lists06 wrote:
> i ask this as I am leary of upgrading production centos servers via CPAN
> I am looking to list wisdom to get some direction to help solve this one
> first please.
Personally, I wouldn't be leery of upgrading Net::DNS via CPAN at all.  
It's probably
better than upgrading perl modules with yum or apt-get, since CPAN is 
pretty much
the authority on perl in general.

If you're really leery of using the CPAN shell, or want a more automated 
process, I'd
download the source tarball, verify that the manual installation method 
works, script
it, and then rsync the tarball/script, and do a over ssh to fire it off.

An example of a script I use to send around qmail aliases would be:

# $Id: syncAliases,v 1.0 2006/11/08 15:18:00 peter Exp $
# Synchronize the /var/qmail/alias/aliases file after updates are made and
# rebuild the aliases.cdb from blade1.

cd /var/qmail/alias || exit 1
make all
HOSTS="host5 host6 host7 host8"
for h in $HOSTS ; do
scp /var/qmail/alias/aliases root@$h:/var/qmail/alias/aliases
ssh root@$h "cd /var/qmail/alias && make all"

Fire it off, pop in the passphraze twice, and let it rip.

For your application, I'd replace the /var/qmail/aliases with 
make a script that runs on the local system after sending the file over, 
put a line that sends
it over before the tarball or after, and then change the execute line 
enclosed in doublequotes
to run that script.

As long as you verify everything works by testing before committing, 
there's no reason
you couldn't do 200 servers in not too much over an hour.  If you trust 
using empty passphraze
host keys (not really considered a good idea), then it could be finished 
in a half hour.


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