[CentOS] Connecting to a Novell Server

Thu Jan 18 21:36:37 UTC 2007
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

Jay Lee wrote:
> ncpfs is only in the centosplus kernel I believe.  I also found it 
> buggy and horribly slow.  Instead, consider running Novell's Native 
> File Access (NFA) product on your Netware server and exporting your 
> Netware volumes as NFS or SMB shares.  I don't think NFA is included 
> with Netware 5.0 (though it might be a free dowload, not sure) but I 
> know 6.x includes it.
Dusting off my 12 year old Netware knowledge, exporting your
netware volumes as NFS shares is probably your best method
for using Netware as a FS platform for Linux.  Personally,
I'd seriously look at why I felt the need to do that, and try to
architect around it though. 

I don't know how the current NFA handles NFS, but back in the
day, NFS exports from  Netware pretty much sucked, although
Novell's still my all-time favorite production FS product I've ever
used.  (vrepair *ROXORS* at cleaning up munched volumes
if you have to use it).


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