[CentOS] Best Board Your Ever Ran CentOS On?

Fri Jan 19 03:42:59 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

> IBM has a good reputation on Power and zSeries (not good for 
> CPU-intensive work, but disk I/O is in gigabytes/sec).
The Power 4+ CPUs are quite powerful.

A 4-way IBM pSeries 1.9Ghz outperformed a HP 4 way Opteron 2.4Ghz 
running a specific computationally intense Oracle pl/sql workload we 
benchmarked at work.  The IBM was running AIX 5.3L, the Opteron RHEL 3 
x86_64, both machines had at least 8GB ram (and weren't at all ram 
constrained).   (RHEL 4 on the same Opteron configuration was 
slower!).    Both systems were using 3 seperate 4 spindle raid10 on 
fiberchannel for the oracle tablespaces, the disk IO rates was quite 
high, almost exclusively writes, and not even close to a constraining