[CentOS] Problems w/ CentOS 4.4 ....

Fri Jan 19 21:21:28 UTC 2007
Drew Weaver <drew.weaver at thenap.com>

Just by simply typing google LG GSA H22N linux kernel I was able to find
at least two people who report success using this drive on kernel 2.6.14
and above.



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.... I just installed CentOS 4.4 yesterday P.M., on my 2.4 GHz P4 box,
Foxconn i865 mbd, 2 GB DDR400 RAM (4 X 512 MB), 1 X 20 GB HDD (hda), 1 X
160 GB HDD (hdb), 1 X LG GSA H22N DVD reader/burner (hdc), 1 X 400 GB
HDD (hdd), Coolmax CP500-T PSU. I wiped SuSE 9.2 off of the 20 GB drive
& installed CentOS. The other 2 drives were already ext3 FS & will be
mounted as /home & /work when I get everything sorted out & going. The
install went smoothly, I installed as a server, plus added all of the
developement stuff. When I removed the DVD & rebooted, everything was
AOK, except that the booted OS apparently didn't see the DVD drive. When
I put the DVD back in to add some more software, it never automounted, &
I never could get it manually mounted. I pored through dmesg output (&
posted to other lists), but no luck. I eventually came up with the
following question: Since this is a relatively new burner, could it be
that it is unsupported under CentOS 4.4 ? I also googled & searched the
archives (manually) this A.M., but no say either way. Sooooooooo: what
did I mess up so that CentOS 4.4 can't see the DVD drive that I used to
install it :-) ? Thanks in advance for your time.


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