[CentOS] core 2 duo motherboards and centos 4

Tue Jan 23 01:45:05 UTC 2007
javajunkie <javajunkie at koyuru.com>

> Funny, I was advised to buy a ASUS P5B-VM since I need 8MB memory.

I have that board.  Do NOT get it for >3gb of memory.

To get >3gb of mem you need to enable "extended memory remapping" in the

When you do that, the system will be very very unusably slow.

I contacted support and they say the P5B-VM only supports windows, which
actually yes it does say that in the manual though not on the web site
where I looked before buying.

Anyway, windows users complain of the same problem.

We (linux and windows users) were all using the suggested bios 0606

Perhaps in the future, but at this time I can say the board doesn't
support 8GB of memory.

I just checked the Asus user forums where 10 of us posted on this probem
and nothing has changed.


> That would mean each of the 4 slots a 2GB DDR2 module. My local shop 
> suggests me to choose TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 (Corsair) but that are two 
> modules of each 1GB. I downloaded the ASUS manual and it tells that 8GB 
> memory is possible with 2GB modules but in the QVL only 1GB modules are 
> mentioned.
> I did a quick search on the internet, but couldn't find any module sized 
> 2GB occupying a single DDR2 slot.
> Background is that I want to have a motherboard that is capable of 8GB 
> for CAD applications but my feeling is that this is not the right board 
> to use.
> So is 8GB possible at all?