[CentOS] core 2 duo motherboards and centos 4

Tue Jan 23 18:15:30 UTC 2007
Drew Weaver <drew.weaver at thenap.com>

Keep in mind that the DP965LT doesn't work with centos...


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> Nobody answered my original question, can you fill a motherboard with 
> four DDR2 slots up to 8GB at all?

Intel's DP965LT motherboard claims 8GB support with 4 DDR2 dimms.

if you have 4 dimms in this chipset, you're limited to 667Mhz memory
bus, with 2 dimms, and the right memory timings, you can get 800Mhz
memory timings.  All memory used in P965 chipsets must be 1.8V

I peeked at prices on newegg, 2x2GB dimm kits are $430-$600 each, so 8GB
ram will cost between $860-$1200.

This whitepaper on 965 chipset memory technologies details the specifics

of whats supported and how the memory timings interact.

I see nothing about any degrading above 4GB, except that 2 x 2GB 
DDR2-800 is supported, while 4 x 2GB runs at DDR2-667 speeds...    I 
wonder if the previously discussed performance degrading on the Asus 
board was in reference to PAE required to allow 32bit OS's with > ~3GB
ram ?

Note this degrading the memory clock when you fully populate all the 
rows is not at all uncommon.  Many Opteron configurations have similar 
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