[CentOS] core 2 duo motherboards and centos 4

Tue Jan 23 22:27:50 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Theo Band wrote:
> javajunkie wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Funny, I was advised to buy a ASUS P5B-VM since I need 8MB memory.
>> I have that board.  Do NOT get it for >3gb of memory.
>> To get >3gb of mem you need to enable "extended memory remapping" in the
>> bios
>> When you do that, the system will be very very unusably slow.
> This is valuable information. There goes the trust I had in the shop as well :-( 
> I read some articles also in this list about Core 2 duo, so I want to go for 
> that. I don't care that much about having the cheapest machine available. I just 
> want a machine capable of addressing 8GB of memory.
> I notice that server boards seem to have multiple sockets and use quad core 
> processors. They are capable of handling 16GB easily. I don't need so many 

You should be able get a lower-end one with two sockets, and you don't 
have to populate it fully. Nor would I decline a quad-core "because it's 
overkill." Your needs will increase to exceed what's available;-)

> horsepower in parallel. Nice for a mail or web server running hundreds of 
> threads. I plan to run 1 or 2 heavy jobs in parallel. And I want the job to be 
> able to acquire >4GB memory if needed. So speed is important, but it's number 
> two on the list. First the memory size needs to be OK.
> My next stop will be Dell.
> Anyone has a good advice?

Umm. Ask for a money-back guarantee that it will work.

I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 with Intel graphics - not at all what you'd 
be using, I know. I did have RHEL5 beta1 running on it, and SUSE & SLES. 
but the difficulty of getting graphics to work at all put me off a 
little, and Fedora Core 6 works only if I don't switch between X and 
virtual consoles, and I generally do that dozens of times a day.

It's put me off Dell a bit.



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