[CentOS] Re-running CPAN setup

Fri Jan 26 04:38:50 UTC 2007
Winter <wfielder at mail.com>

Erick Perez wrote:
> Excellent!!! thanks it worked.
> Now how do I make sure my centos 4.4 "sees" some modules that were
> added from CPAN?

Hello again, Erick, and well met.  :)

If you install modules using CPAN it places them into your include path.
If you're installing modules by hand...that's when things get tricky.

You can print out your Perl include path by typing:

perl -e "print qq(@INC)"

Usually (keyword usually) when you install a perl module with
"perl Makefile.pl ; make ; make install", it installs into one of the 
common perl include directories.  Sometimes, though, the world doesn't 
smile on you.

You can copy a hand-installed module into one of your include 
directories, or you can place it in a private directory and use it by
typing in your script:


use lib '/path/to/module';

Here's a good link for you:


Now...a couple fingers of whiskey are calling my name.  ;)