[CentOS] Re: Limiting files when using rsync

Fri Jan 26 19:31:49 UTC 2007
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Todd Cary spake the following on 1/26/2007 7:50 AM:
> Mark Schoonover wrote:
>> Todd Cary wrote:
>>> Mark -
>>> Thanks!  That did it.
>>> /usr/bin/rsync -av --exclude=".*" -e ssh /home/
>>> My next step will be to brush the dust off of my Perl book and write
>>> a crontab script to backup nightly.
>>> Question: I may not be using the term "backup" absolutely correctly.
>>> The destination server is a "standby" server.  This is if the source
>>> server fails, all I have to do is change the router to point to the
>>> standby server.  These are in a home office and I do not consider
>>> myself a system administrator; just someone who knows enough to keep
>>> the server running (it's main task is FTPing).  Do you have any
>>> suggestions about using rsync as I am doing?     
>> Todd,
>>     If all you want to do is mirror the main server to the backup
>> server, your command is almost correct. You'll want to add --delete on
>> the
>> commandline. This will cause rsync to remove any files from the
>> destination
>> before sending them from the source. This will create a mirror of
>> your  main
>> server to your backup server.
>>     You don't need to go to all the overhead of running Perl to crontab
>> this up. Just drop your rsync command into a file, make it executable
>> then
>> add it to root's crontab file. It'll run just fine after that.
>>     One other thing nonrsync related - top posting, and sending HTML to
>> the list. Makes it hard to respond to your questions. Just remember to
>> use
>> text only, and post responses at the bottom of your emails. Things just
>> tread much easier from top to bottom.
>> Thanks!
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> Mark -
> Yes, the bottom post vs. the top post is a continual problem for me
> since my business accounts ask for top post (almost demand it) and
> Thunderbird does not have an option for each email address as it does
> for email mode.  I'll try to remember to swap it back and forth.
> Concerning the --delete switch, if I use it, will files created by a
> user on the destination server remain?  Though it is a standby server,
> there are times when it is used by staff.
> The main reason I will use Perl is to create the backup files of the
> Interbase databases and then scp (or rsync) them to the other server.
> Many thanks for the tips....
> Todd
Delete will remove files on the destination that aren't on the source. So that
option will not work for you.


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