[CentOS] officejet 7310

Sat Jan 27 04:44:27 UTC 2007
Rakhesh Sasidharan <rakheshster at gmail.com>

I've got an OfficeJet 5610 working fine. Am using the HPLIP drivers. I
see that your printer too is supported[1] so maybe you should follow
the instructions here[2] and see if that helps. That's what I did.
After doing what's given there, I also setup Samba to share the
printer, and so that way I can print from my XP computers too to this

To get the scanner working, I used SANE. And I also used this program
called SANETWAIN to get my XP clients to talk to the SANE server. :)

Hope that helps.


[1] http://hplip.sourceforge.net/supported_devices/inkjet_aio.html
[2] http://hplip.sourceforge.net/install/manual/index.html