[CentOS] Serial Port "reSpawning too fast".

Mon Jan 29 23:47:38 UTC 2007
Jim Wildman <jim at rossberry.com>

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Doug Ferrell wrote:

> Greetings Group:
> 	This has probably been asked several times (I checked the archives) and I
> have googled... but not found an answer. I get the ole serial port error
> msg:
> init: Id "s0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
> 	Funny thing.... I'm still connected even if it's "disabled".
> 	But I really need to KVM into this box... running cent 4.4 with the Cobalt
> interface running on top. It's a dell SC420 server... I have one running
> Cent 4.2 but doesn't have this problem. So I commented the S0 line in
> inittab to disable until I figure out how to fix this problem.
> 	Any ideas on how to eliminate the warnings.....?
> ...DOUG

Are you sure you have the right port?  If you are using a DRAC, it is 
an interesting matrix of actual and virtual ports.  Also make sure that
only 1 getty/mingetty process is being started for that port.

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