[CentOS] Kernel build warning

Mark Hull-Richter mhullrich at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 20:15:37 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 20:04 -0700, Akemi Yagi wrote:
> When you got this warning:
> > WARNING: "autofs_kill_sb" [fs/autofs/autofs.ko] undefined!
> did you copy the config file from the SOURCES directory?  And did you
> run "make oldconfig" after copying but before "make menuconfig"?  If
> this was not the case, try the make oldconfig step.  This should give
> you the correct AUTOFS options.

Originally, no, I had run make oldconfig.  I did a rebuild with that and
got no errors.  Here is what my config files now contain:

$ grep -i autofs *86_64*.config
kernel-2.6.18-x86_64.config:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set

$ ll *86_64*.config
63438 Jul  5 12:05 kernel-2.6.18-x86_64.config
64767 Jul  2 18:28 kernel-2.6.18-x86_64-kdump.config
65935 Jul  2 18:27 kernel-2.6.18-x86_64-xen.config

(Note that I only built the stock kernel, not the xen or dump kernels.)



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