Jean Figarella jfigarella at vecna.com
Thu Jul 5 22:42:54 UTC 2007

Here is the thing. All workstations in the network have the /etc/profile
modified and set up to call a profile script in the network that sets up
variables that we need here. Here $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other variables
get set, fixed, or modified to support our development process. The
weird thing is that while in a TTY the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is fine and
retains its value. But if I log in to the gui (KDE, GNOME) then the 
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH is blank. I have greped the entire disk I can't find 
where is the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is being overwritten, if that is what is 

Does anyone knows what's going on here?


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