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Fri Jul 6 02:58:51 UTC 2007

On 7/6/07, kevin nation <kevinnat at gmail.com> wrote:
> i work in tech support and i am an advanced windows user. but i have not
> used linux other than booting up live cd's and checking out the
> applications. i have recently installed centos 4.5 on a computer for
> testing. all my hardware installed with good defaults and i have been able
> to access the internet for updates. but that is as far as i have been unable
> to get. i want to install a wireless card and download and install some
> additional software and setup window shares but i do not know where to
> start. i have found some software in tar and rpm file extentions but i need
> help downloading them, extracting or installing them. my wireless card is
> not recognized. also i have found alot of rpm files in red hat and fedora
> but i do not know if they will work with centos. i know centos is built from
> red hat but what version of red hat or fedora would it be equal to so the
> right software or driver would be installed.
> this is just a testing computer and i just started working with it and do
> not need it for anything else so i have plenty of time to learn and become
> an advanced linux user.
> thanks
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> Hi,

 I suggest that you'll start reading some docs on www.centos.org, it's
comprehensive from basic to more advance topic, then from there if there's
something unclear shoot back another post here.

Good luck,

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