[CentOS] How to add to EPEL wishlist?

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Fri Jul 6 20:49:57 UTC 2007

On Fri, 6 Jul 2007, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:

> > > EPEL?" I thought that was clear enough, and since EPEL users are RHEL 
> > > users + CentOS users + SL users + StartCom users, I also believed [some 
> > > of] you should already be using EPEL, some of you needing more, and some 
> > > of you already *knowing* how to add suggestions for EPEL!
> > 
> > And you send that mail to the wrong list. Just admit that and your life 
> > becomes easier. There's nothing wrong with admiting an error, people 
> > respect you for it.
> Nope. It is not *the* wrong list. Is the list of some of the target users of
> the EPEL packages. ALL the following user lists are valid lists because they
> contain people that are part of the EPEL's intended audience:
> -- Red Hat (RHEL) lists (NON-Fedora);
> -- CentOS lists;
> -- Scientific Linux lists;
> -- StartCom lists.

Radu-Christian, you are a smart guy. If you send a mail containing:

	"Does anyone know how to submit wishes to the EPEL Wishlist here?"

to the CentOS mailinglist and NOT to the EPEL mailinglist. You have send 
it to the wrong mailinglist. No arguing required really. Spare us the 

Ralph is the mailinglist maintainer, if he tells you politely it is 
off-topic, there is no need to argue. There is no need to reply.

> > But arguing the opposite while people know better is plain *censored*.
> Yes, Dag, you know better because you're a developer. Sorry, I forgot you're
> a God. (But I'm an agnostic anyway.)

I am not a developer and I have no clue what that has to do with anything. 
I would be pleased if you read my mail without any connotations at all.
You add the connotations, not me.

> > Sure, some people here know your answers. Hell, you could ask Microsoft 
> > questions here and get answers. But that doesn't mean this is the right 
> > list for Microsoft questions.
> > 
> > I'm sure you can understand this without arguing.
> What has M$ to do with this? why should Microsoft be the best second example
> in any discussion?

It was an example as much as any other example. I could have said Apple, I 
could have said Google. Every one of those examples makes the point.

But maybe you do not want to see the point and that makes every example 

> > Go and tell the EPEL people. EPEL is a Fedora project and not a CentOS 
> > project. Go check the EPEL mailinglist where we have discussed that Fedora 
> > is probably the wrong place to create CentOS/RHEL packages.
> Of course Fedora is a bad place to create packages that willl *not* be used
> under Fedora, but under RHEL & clones! So they are basically *not* interested
> in the matter. So *you*, CentOS, SciLi, StartCom and RHEL users are more
> interested. So maybe you have asked yourself how to add packages to EPEL, who
> KNOWS MORE! (If this is so hard  to understand, I am sorry to say, but you're
> an idiot, socially speaking, because I don't question your IQ.)

CentOS is not related to EPEL or Fedora. In fact, since EPEL is 
incompatible with RPMforge, ATrpms and CentOS Extras and because most 
CentOS users use RPMforge and ATrpms, I guess when EPEL is announced 
officially I'll have to add a statement that EPEL/Fedora is not interested 
in compatibility with RPMforge.

> > Keeping a list on-topic is important, that's why we send mails to tell 
> > people they are on the wrong list instead of answering their question.
> "On-topic" doesn't include the very many questions I am reading now and then
> saying "how do I do this in CentOS", but they don't have anything
> CentOS-specific, but should rather say "how do I do this in Linux"... it is
> nevertheless better to answer to those people (and this is what is generally
> happening).

How do I do something in Linux often bails down to: what is the best way 
to do it in CentOS. So yes, all of those questions belongs to the list 
because if you are a CentOS user, the CentOS mailinglist is the most 

For EPEL questions, the CentOS list is not te most appropriate. In fact, 
the EPEL mailinglist is. That is why Ralph politely told you that the EPEL 
mailinglist is the place to ask the question.

And it could have ended there without a fuss. But it is your arguing that 
makes it look like everybody is after you. That is your perception 
problem, not the mailinglists problem.

Kind regards,
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