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John Bowden j-alan at btconnect.com
Mon Jul 9 21:58:09 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 July 2007 22:41:04 John R Pierce wrote:
> John Bowden wrote:
> > Sorry to hijack this thread. I have got some old Sparc station 5's any
> > one know of an o/s that I can install on them. I would like to learn all
> > about clustering
> SS5 or Sun Ultra 5 ?
> the SS5 is way WAY old (discontinued in 1996), 70Mhz and used oddball
> memory, 8 x 8MB (64MB total) or 8 x 32MB (256MB total maximum), and used
> SBus peripherals, you'd be better off with pentium-II systems.
> clusters generally need multiple network adapters at the very least.

Yes exactly what I have, with massive 520Mb hard drives ;-) The architecture 
is completely new to me

> The Ultra 5 is somewhat newer, with a 270-400MHz ultrasparc IIi and
> support for up to 512MB ram,, but was penalized (heavily!) by using a
> programmed IO IDE channel controller (no DMA).   It also requires
> nonstandard RAM (EDO DRAM with ECC in a 168 pin jedec form factor), very
> hard to find.
> anyways, I think you'd have better luck trying to bring up a test
> cluster using old x86 PCs.
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I think I will get rid of them as I have some old 333mhz boards. thanks for 
the reply. I will hand back the thread now

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