[CentOS] udev - by-id

first last prelude_2_murder at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 10 16:26:19 UTC 2007


I am trying to set up a CentOS 4 machine with various iSCSI mounts for
Oracle, but devices keep on moving around, causing the mounts to fail
while called by the sd[a-f] names.

We thought about using labels, but, as some of the partitions do not
use EXT3, that was discarded, so we thought about using udev and by-id.

The problem is that udev does not seem to create the by-id folder or
any files within it, while the by-path all get created. The rules file,
51-by-id.rules contains details for the both of them, but the by-id do
not get detected, at least the logs don't indicate so.

The current contents of the rules file is as follows:

KERNEL="dasd*[!0-9]", PROGRAM="/sbin/dasd_id",
KERNEL="dasd*[0-9]", PROGRAM="/sbin/dasd_id",
KERNEL="sd*", PROGRAM="/sbin/path_id", SYMLINK="disk/by-path/%c"
KERNEL="hd*", PROGRAM="/sbin/path_id", SYMLINK="disk/by-path/%c"
KERNEL="dasd*", PROGRAM="/sbin/path_id", SYMLINK="disk/by-path/%c"
KERNEL="sd*", PROGRAM="/sbin/scsi_id", SYMLINK="disk/by-id/scsi-%c"

Any help will be appreciated.



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