[CentOS] Announcement Project based on CentOS 4.4

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Thu Jul 12 19:12:49 UTC 2007

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> 	> Yum is removed for ovious reasons :-)
> 	You hate security fixes??  I can't think of any other 
> reason anyone
> 	would do that.
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> Personally i dont like YUM, I prefer apt-get, the package you 
> dont wanna update is openldap, espesially the server, you 
> could easyly configre apt, to ignore those packages 
> There is allso a script included to make your own apt repository 
> Tronn

The same can be configured in yum.conf with an exclude= line.

Xen Enterprise server uses CentOS 4 and Yum in appliance mode. You
can always download the trial of that install and see how they do it.

If I were to setup a CentOS based appliance I would probably config
yum for security updates only, exclude kernel updates and then setup
my own repository for my appliance RPMs and "allowed" kernel updates
that are synchronized with my appliance RPM updates.


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