[CentOS] PHP 5.2

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jul 12 20:07:37 UTC 2007

John Thomas wrote:
> To me, there seems to be growing support to requiring PHP 5.2 within the
> next year, see http://www.gophp5.org/ .  Does anyone know of plans to
> release PHP 5.2 RPMS in any of the major repos?

Well ... We have the CentOSPlus repo ... but that is using the RHWAS
version of PHP.  If PHP-5.2 becomes "the enterprise standard" (or even
important for many apps) then I suspect that RH will add it to RHWAS ...
as they did the latest postgresql, etc.  If they do, then we will add it
to the CentOSPlus repo.

Otherwise, I don't see CentOS providing that, at least not for normal
operations.  Of course, I would never say never, as we may add it in the

We are also not adding KDE-3.6 (or Gnome-2.20) to CentOS-4, etc ... nor
have we added many newer things to CentOS-3.8 or 2.1.

Fedora does exist for all of those things ... as will CentOS-6 :D

Johnny Hughes

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