[CentOS] scim-panel-gtk segfault

Shawn javajunkie at koyuru.com
Fri Jul 13 08:26:01 UTC 2007


Running kernel 2.6.18-8.1.4.el5.centos.plus on centos5, on shutdown
sometimes I get:

Starting killall:
Sending all processes the TERM signal...scim-panel-gtk
...scim-panel-gtk[4065]- segfault at... error 4.
(sometimes there is one segfault error and sometimes 7+]

Also, [and this may be unrelated] I occasionally can't boot into X and
need to: 
#rm /tmp/.X0-lock   
Then I can startx.

I have noticed sometimes that I get the segfault, but the next time I
boot, I can boot into X.  I really don't know enough to guess whether
sometimes it is finishing X and removing the lock before the segfault
and sometimes it is not.

I am not so unhappy with the situation but being unknowledable of course
worry about what effects a segfault during shutdown may have.  I do
notice that after the segfaults, it goes on to unmount the filesystems
and other things that it does normally (but I can't say everything
normally as I don't really understand the normal steps of it shutting

I'd like to:

1) figure out how to stop the segfault especially since sometimes the
scim panel won't appear after a reboot (and requires another reboot to
appear again).

2) see if the scim segfault is causing the trouble with X starting and
if not, figure out why the lock is not being removed.

If you have suggestions as to what to look into, I am happy to hear

The only thing I have tried is googling scim-panel-gtk segfault and

scim-lib 0.99.6 is available (13 Aug 2004)
Fixed a bug which causes segfault on x86_64 platform.

But that must be a different bug as:
rpm -qa | grep scim-lib

I saw an RPM someplace for scim-debug but wouldn't really know how to go
about trying to debug it.


P.S.  Note, I do not believe this is in anyway connected to being a
centos plus kernel as on a stock kernel had the trouble.

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