SOLVED: Re: [CentOS] Newbie ADSL configuration, ppp0 can't activate & config not found

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Sun Jul 15 10:43:19 UTC 2007

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>Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 22:11:59 -0400
>From: Dan Halbert <halbert at>
>Subject: Re: [CentOS] Newbie ADSL configuration, ppp0 can't activate &
>        config  not found
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> I am frustrated. This is a dual boot box, Win XP (Spanish) and CentOS
>4.4.  The phone company man came today and installed ADSL to the WinXP

>Dan wrote: If you have a router, then the ADSL connection you have is
>handled by the router, and is invisible to you, on the LAN side of the

Thank you! I was busy and gone most of the day yesterday and didn't
touch the box after about 7 A.M. Early this morning, I came in here and
in two (2) minutes, the box was online in Linux. :-)

The problem was that I'd seen in System Tools > Internet Configuration
Wizard (internet-druid) and I set up an xDSL connection ppp0, which was
not necessary, as you wrote, because the ADSL Router the phone company
man brought does the log in. 

After I deleted the ppp0, I set up eth0 again, to get my IP from the ISP
via DHCP and I put in the 2 IP numbers for their DNS servers, restarted
the Network and I am online!  :-)

I knew this was something extremely simple, but it was Friday the 13th
and to use Johnny's phrase, I had a cubic butt load of frustration. :-)

This will hopefully make it easier for me to get Devil-Linux configured,
for my Firewall/Router box.

Walt Reed: I get the Mailing List Digest, which will come in about 90
minutes, but I looked at the archives this morning and I also saw your
post, which is much appreciated. I am going to try to use Devil-Linux
and if I can't get that working, I will use IPCop, for my

Thanks to both of you for replying to me and to everyone who
participates in this great mailing list!  Lanny

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