[CentOS] Newbie ADSL configuration, ppp0 can't activate &

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Sun Jul 15 17:44:26 UTC 2007

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>Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 11:44:52 -0400
>From: Walt Reed <centos at linuxguy.com>
>Subject: Re: [CentOS] Newbie ADSL configuration, ppp0 can't activate &
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>Some pain-in-the-ass ISP's force you to do PPPoE instead of DHCP. Some
>give you a DSL modem that does NAT and the PPPoE stuff for you, some
>don't. If you have one that doesn't, a cheap Linksys "router" can do
>the NAT and PPPoE for you if you don't fee comfortable doing it in

Walt in our former home, we had Cable Modem access for 3+ years and I
used a Linksys Router/Switch there. We live in South America, so I'd
need to have one shipped from the states. I think I can get it going,
with IPCop or Devil-Linux.

>on a 1.5/384 DSL connection.

Our new connection is 256. After using dial up for 3 1/4 years, that's
fast.  :-) It's a lot slower than when we had Cable Modem service, but a
huge improvement!  I wanted WiMAX access, which is available in the city
of Cali, but it's not available in our town and who knows when if ever
it will be available.

I downloaded the latest versions of Devil-Linux and IPCop this morning.
They both have things I like. Devil-Linux does not require a hard drive
and runs off a CD-ROM and a write protected floppy, which for security,
I think is better. IPCop has much more documentation, can run headless
and has some other things I like. I think I will try IPCop first.

Thanks much for your input! Lanny

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