[CentOS] Gnome Bluetooth Manager

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Tue Jul 17 03:03:28 UTC 2007

I installed:  gnome-bluetooth.i386 0.7.0-10.2.el5  from the base repo

It also installed (at least):  gnome-bluetooth-libs.i386 0.7.0-10.2.el5

These show up in /var/log/yum.log

interestingly they do not show up in /var/log/rpmpkgs

My bluetooth mouse is now working.  It was not before.

But I do not see any bluetooth management stuff in gnome 

What gives?

Did I forget a step?

The following bluetooth related rpms area also installed:

in rpmpkgs:


in yum.log:

Jul 16 17:02:23 (yumex) Installed: gnome-bluetooth-libs.i386 0.7.0-10.2.el5
Jul 16 17:02:30 (yumex) Installed: gnome-bluetooth.i386 0.7.0-10.2.el5
Jul 16 17:02:37 (yumex) Installed: nautilus-sendto-bluetooth.i386 0.7-5.fc6

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