[CentOS] IHC7 RAID-1 or Kernel Software RAID-1?

William Warren hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com
Tue Jul 17 22:49:50 UTC 2007

use only the linux software raid.  It's perfectly stable even under high 
loads here.

Tony Mountifield wrote:
> I'm just setting up a SuperMicro system which has twin SATA disks on an
> Intel IHC7 RAID-capable controller.
> The system came with Fedora 5 pre-installed, which I will be removing and
> replacing with CentOS 4.5. But before doing so, I've been having a look at
> how the original vendor configured it.
> When I've built systems previously, I've disabled any RAID controller and
> used kernel software RAID-1, set up per-partition, and this has worked
> well.
> This system is currently set up with hardware RAID enabled, which is
> detected by the kernel device mapper. I can see what it has found using
> "dmraid" with -b, -r and -s. A single physical volume was created
> on the mapped RAID-1 device, and then logical volumes created on that.
> My question is: which kind of configuration will generally give me better
> performance? To use the IHC7 RAID-1 as currently set up, or to use Linux
> software RAID-1 as I am used to doing? Any other reasons to choose one
> over the other?
> Thanks in advance for any insights.
> Cheers
> Tony

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