[CentOS] Havp Version 0.86 RPM ?

Indunil Jayasooriya indunil75 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 04:10:34 UTC 2007

Hi Carols,

It seems that the SPEC file (of older version) does some patching to
> the sources, you can edit the SPEC file and comment it out or delete
> the patch part, in the end you are better of customizing the SPEC file
> for your needs and system.
> If you need more help I could look the spec file and do some RPM
> building, I have a CentOS 5 machine myself.

By now, I have already built havp SRPM and RPM  out of tarabll.  I had to
include a patch . Then, it worked.
Anyway, This is my first time to built and SRPM and RPM out of a tarball. SO
I am new to this. So , I am sending my havp.spec file for you to look at.
pls see below.

[root at worldnet ~]# cat /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/havp.spec
# $Id$
# Authority: dag

# Tag: test

Summary: HTTP anti-virus proxy filter
Name: havp
Version: 0.86
Release: 1
License: GPL
Group: System Environment/Daemons
URL: http://www.server-side.de/

Source: http://www.server-side.de/download/havp-%{version}.tar.gz<http://www.server-side.de/download/havp-%25%7Bversion%7D.tar.gz>
Patch0: havp-init.patch
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root

#BuildRequires: httpd-devel, bzip2-devel, gmp-devel, curl-devel,
clamav-devel, openssl-devel
BuildRequires: bzip2-devel, gmp-devel, curl-devel, clamav-devel,

HAVP (HTTP AntiVirus proxy) is a proxy with an anti-virus filter.
It does not cache or filter content. At the moment the complete
traffic is scanned. The reason for this is the chance of malicious
code in nearly every filetype e.g. HTML (JavaScript) or Jpeg.

I aim to stop especially dialer or browser exploits. But writing
a http Anti Virus Proxy is a real dilemma! Huge downloads are
a problem for virus scanning proxies. A Client should not receive
data which is unchecked by the virus scanner, but big downloads
should not timeout.

%patch0 -p0 -b .init

%{__perl} -pi.orig \
        -e 's|^# (TEMPLATEPATH) .+$|$1 /etc/havp/templates/en|;' \
        -e 's|^# (WHITELIST) .+$|$1 /etc/havp/whitelist|;' \
        -e 's|^# (BLACKLIST) .+$|$1 /etc/havp/blacklist|;' \

%configure \

%{__make} %{?_smp_mflags}

%{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}
%{__install} -Dp -m0755 havp/havp %{buildroot}%{_sbindir}/havp
%{__install} -Dp -m0755 etc/init.d/havp %{buildroot}%{_initrddir}/havp

%{__install} -d -m0755 %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/havp/
%{__cp} -r etc/havp/*  %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/havp/

%{__install} -d -m0755 %{buildroot}%{_localstatedir}/log/havp/
%{__install} -d -m0755 %{buildroot}%{_localstatedir}/run/havp/

%{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}

if ! /usr/bin/id havp &>/dev/null; then
        /usr/sbin/useradd -r -d %{_localstatedir}/log/havp -s /bin/sh -c
"havp" havp || \
                %logmsg "Unexpected error adding user \"havp\". Aborting

/sbin/chkconfig --add havp

if [ $1 -eq 0 ]; then
        /sbin/service havp stop &>/dev/null || :
        /sbin/chkconfig --del havp

if [ $1 -eq 0 ]; then
        /usr/sbin/userdel havp || %logmsg "User \"havp\" could not be

%defattr(-, root, root, 0755)
%doc ChangeLog COPYING INSTALL update-conf
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/havp/
%config %{_initrddir}/havp

%defattr(-, havp, havp, 0755)

* Tue Aug 22 2006 Dag Wieers < dag at wieers.com> - 0.7.9-1
- Cosmetic changes.

* Wed May 31 2006 Bernard 'Tux' Lheureux <tux at portalinux dot org> 0.7.9-2
- Corrected the specfile to make it installable on CentOS 4.x
- Created and applied some patches to make it chkconfig compatible
- Created and applied a patch to make config reflect the correct location of
the files

* Tue May 30 2006 Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail dot com> 0.7.9-1
- Initial build for CentOS,
- Specfile generation... still some work to do...

Pls edit the above file in a nice manner, if needed.

And, I would also like to know why I had to use rpmbuild -ba option instead
of rpmbuild -ta, while building this out of a tarball.

Hope to hear from you.

Good Luck!
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Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya
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