[CentOS] Recommended REPO Setup for Desktop on Cos5

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 15:19:15 UTC 2007

On 7/18/07, John Thomas <gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com> wrote:

> Comments:  rpmforge provides fine rpms.  kbsingh, google, adobe,
> kde-redhat, CentOS-Testing , CentOS-fastrack, epel, ATRPMs also provide
> fine RPMs. epel seems to have some stuff that I have not found on the
> others (like gnucash), but enabling epel worries me about conflicts with
> rpmforge et al.  I recalling hearing about priorities and protectbase
> yum plugins.  My thinking is someone has mastered these issues and I
> could copy their setup so I could do a "yum search whatever" a "yum
> provides whatever", "yum update", etc without having to enable/disable
> repos or includepkgs/exclude packages in the repo (i.e., "just work").
> I realize one size won't fit all, but your recommendations/thoughts are
> appreciated.

Without stepping on too many toes or getting all into the politics of
the matter, EPEL has good packages, but they are unconcerned about
playing nice with other repositories. The general sentiment seems to
be that packagers who want their stuff distributed should simply use
EPEL for distribution.

RPMForge and centos play very nicely together and the developers of
both projects are in frequent contact.

Testing is just that. Don't use it if you're worried about possible breakage.

ATrpms has some hard-to-find packages, but can replace system packages
which can potentially cause issues.

Basically, while it's cumbersome, using the protectbase or priorites
plugins is good, and if you're concerned about a repository, you might
want to limit the repositories in the .repo file to only include
certain packages.

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