[CentOS] Re: IHC7 RAID-1 or Kernel Software RAID-1?

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Jul 18 16:42:26 UTC 2007

Alvin Chang spake the following on 7/18/2007 6:34 AM:
> On 18/07/07, Tony Mountifield
> <tony at softins.clara.co.uk> wrote:
>> In article <f7iufv$1cc$1 at softins.clara.co.uk>,
>> Tony Mountifield
>> <tony at softins.clara.co.uk> wrote:
>> >
>> > My question is: which kind of configuration will generally give me
>> better
>> > performance? To use the IHC7 RAID-1 as currently set up, or to use
>> Linux
>> > software RAID-1 as I am used to doing? Any other reasons to choose one
>> > over the other?
>> Thanks for the responses, confirming what I thought: disable SATA RAID
>> and
>> use Linux software RAID for mirroring. So that's what I've done.
>> It appears that my Centos 4.4 install didn't know about dmraid devices
>> anyway.
> I personally would give fakeraid a because the hardware chipset
> wouldn't take as much CPU time as soft-raid. Why are you using 4.4
> instead of 4.5 as you mentioned in your previous post?
Fakeraid does NOT take less CPU cycles. Fakeraid chipsets do not have any
processors to offload the work from the CPU. Fakeraid is just software raid
hidden in the bios level. Without the software drivers, it is nothing.


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