[CentOS] CentOS5:Printer Won't Work

Robert Thompson the_drbobo at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 18 18:45:36 UTC 2007

 I have a HP OfficeJet K80xi "all-in-one" USB printer. When I send a 
file to the printer from a virtual console using the command : lp 
"anyfilename", the response is "request ID is HPOJK80-7 (1 file(s)". 
There is no printer action, no sound, nothing. The printers name is 
HPOJK80; the -7 is the job number.
The command lpstat shows there are a total of 7 jobs in the queue. The 
command lpq response is "HPOJK80 is ready and printing", and lists the 7 
file names. Nothing has ever printed since I switched to CentOS5.
 The hplip web site (http://hplip.sourceforge.net/) tells me to do "rpm 
-qa hplip" from a virtual console. The result is "hplip-1.6.7-4.1.e15" 
(driver model installed). The web site table shows any driver later than 
0.9.5 should work. The hplip web site also states that there are 6 
"dependencies": xsane, cups-devel, libjpeg-devel, pyqt, pyqt-devel, and 
net-snmp-devel. Using the find command (find / -name 'filename' -print) 
results in 2 hits for xane, 0 hits for the others except libjpeg-devel 
which gives the message "/proc/11268: No such file or directory". My 
conclusion is there are 5 missing files, probably cups-devel is the most 
important. Where can I find the missing files? How do I know where to 
put them?
While I am not sure that "system-config-printer" was run correctly, I am 
going to concentrate on the missing dependencies. Any help would be 
appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bob T.

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