[CentOS] Multiple WAN link -- CentOS Suitability

Raymond M. Subasic centos at funnypets.org
Thu Jul 19 05:03:03 UTC 2007

My situation:

I have a cable modem (COMCAST 6Mbit d/l) and am about to also have DSL
(Verizon 3 Mbit d/l).  I was thinking of using CentOS (4.4, 4.5, or 5??) as
a router/dhcp server/firewall for my home network consisting of 3 to 6
computers at any given time.  I seek the wisdom of the members of this list
on the following issues:


--  Is CENTOS a good direction to go?  I do not mind manually configuring
things or installing lots of packages, and am doing this as both a learning
experience for myself and proof of concept for a customer.

--  Is it possible/hard/easy/trivial to share the load between the two
connections?  Have either link fail and things still work correctly?

--  I plan to build a box for this job - looking for general recommendations
of how much horsepower (mem/disk space, etc) is required

--  What are the implications of two pipes for incoming connections such as
DynDNS based  remote desktop or VNC, or web server, FTP, etc


The basic hardware layout I see is 3 nics, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB disk space.  1
NIC for each WAN port, 1 NIC for my local net, some recent CPU.


I have been browsing through the "Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control
HOWTO," but am still not on top of how to get done what I'm looking for.  I
understand that there are probably products that I could buy to do this, but
my preference is to do it myself.


Sorry if my questions are too basic.  Please feel free to tell me off if so.



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