[CentOS] Help with CentOS 5.0 domU install

Arik Raffael Funke arik at funke.eu
Fri Jul 20 21:34:22 UTC 2007


I am trying to install a centos 5.0 domU via virt-manager (or 
alternatively as described in the centos howtos). Anaconda boots up 
fine, asks for the language, then for the installation medium. Here my 
problems begin.

I am trying to install via nfs, so I enter my IP details and nfs server 
details, but after confirming the nfs details, anaconda barely tries to 
contact the nfs server and instead spits out following error message 
right away:

Error: That directory can not be mounted from the server.

I have exported a centos DVD via nfs. The DVD is good, the export also. 
Also my entire setup seems ok, because if I export a Fedora 7 DVD 
instead of the centos DVD, I can access the nfs share and install Fedora 
7 without problems. ONLY WITH CENTOS I have this problem. It must be 
something with the centos installation kernel/image/anaconda installer imho.

I have not found any reports describing this behaviour. Am I the first 
who has had this problem? How could I go about debugging what anaconda 
is doing / why it fails? I am completely out of ideas of what could be 
the cause of this problem and how I could get rid of it. Any hints?

Many thanks,

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