[CentOS] CentOS based router dropping connections

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Tue Jul 24 13:57:24 UTC 2007

Jesse Cantara wrote:

> Actually, I spoke too soon. Setting the NIC to 100 Mbit did not fix 
> the issue, I just happened to misdiagnose a fix, because it seemed to 
> be working for quite some time, but it is back to the old problems. 
> Basically, I'm at wits end right now. I'm going to go down to the 
> colocation and see if they can test the network drop into our cabinet. 
> If it's not that, then I'm convinced it's the tg3 driver. -Jesse Jesse 
> Cantara wrote:
>> > The problem ended up being the "tg3" Broadcom NIC kernel module driver. 
>> > It doesn't work properly at Gigabit speeds. Turning it down to 100 
>> > Megabit fixed the issue. Does anybody know where I should report this bug?
>> > 
>> > Thanks for all your help,
>> > -Jesse
Sorry about being late to the party but I was out of town for a while 
and I'm still trying to catch up.  I have seen this behavior with the 
tg3 module and a Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5701 Gigabit Ethernet 
NIC.  This is a 64 bit PCI card in a Tyan Tiger MPX (dual Athlon) 
motherboard.  I Googled for any similar problems and couldn't find 
anything so I put a spare 3c2000t into a 32-bit slot and chalked the 
problem up to the old motherboard and chip set.  The box in question is 
*NOT* serving as a router but does have multiple NICs.

The NIC in question has a CAT 6 cable to a 3com 16 port unmanaged 
gigabit switch.  I swapped cables, etc. and still saw the same 
behavior.  I could restart the network and everything would be fine for 
a while but then it would just stop with no errors, messages, etc.  
Since I had the spare 3c2000t, that problem went down in the priority stack.


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