[CentOS] yum upgrade perl question

Lukasz seem at gazeta.pl
Tue Jul 24 18:30:29 UTC 2007

Użytkownik Rogelio Bastardo napisał:
> I'm looking to install n2rrd, which requires Perl 5.8.x
> (http://n2rrd.diglinks.com/cgi-bin/trac.cgi)
> I see that lots of Perl stuff is installed. Do I just need to yum
> upgrade perl-libwww-perl-5.78.5 to the latest?

if that n2rrd is pack of Perl scripts, that requires only Perl 
and some modules, compile n2rrd and other dependences to, say, 
/usr/local/prorgams/n2rrd and run it; I do it for many 
programs, from zope to glade3 and they work perfectly

why that? if you use CentOS version without Perl 5.8 in 
updates repo, then you shouldn't upgrade Perl as RPM; Perl is 
very strategic program in system, on which depends tons of 

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