[CentOS] migrating users from linux to centos

simon mailadmin at baladia.gov.kw
Tue Jul 24 17:59:41 UTC 2007

Dear All,

I have been running linux 9 server as a dns and mail server and is workin

i want to install CENTOS 5 with all the latest mail server software and
bind as well as all the libraries on another machine whic is already done

also the data is backed up and will be tranferred.

but i would like to know

i have about existing 100 mail users

how could i tranfer these usernames and passwrd to the new CENtos 5 server ..

if i copy the /etc/passwd from my linux server it gonna overite my centos5
/etc/passwd file as there r new users n also new groups create when i
installed centos5 n software
also i see that the /etc/shadow has only read permisson for root so cant
be over written

is there a way i cd possiblly have the existing users with thier password
on centos5 so i dont have to ask them for their passwords n create all
users again

appreciat ur help

 Thanks and regards


Network Administrator

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