[CentOS] migrating users from linux to centos

José Albornoz jalbornoz at viabcp.com
Tue Jul 24 18:54:08 UTC 2007

Hi all

First copy /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to /tmp of new server

Second go to /tmp of new server

Third, run this script "sh users.sh"

awk -F: '$3>500 {print $1":"$4":"$5":"$6":"$7}' passwd > archivo1
for u in $(cat archivo1 | cut -f 1 -d:);
        GROUP1=$(egrep $u: -a archivo1 | cut -f 2 -d:)
        CMT1=$(egrep $u: -a archivo1 | cut -f 3 -d:)
        HOME1=$(egrep $u: -a archivo1 | cut -f 4 -d:)
        SHELL1=$(egrep $u: -a archivo1 | cut -f 5 -d:)
        useradd -g $GROUP1 -c "$CMT1" -d $HOME1 -s $SHELL1 $u
        PASSWD=$(egrep $u: -a shadow | cut -f 2 -d:)
        usermod -p $PASSWD $u
rm -f archivo1

Jose Albornoz

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simon wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have been running linux 9 server as a dns and mail server and is 
> workin fine..
> i want to install CENTOS 5 with all the latest mail server software 
> and bind as well as all the libraries on another machine whic is 
> already done
> also the data is backed up and will be tranferred.
> but i would like to know
> i have about existing 100 mail users
> how could i tranfer these usernames and passwrd to the new CENtos 5 server
> if i copy the /etc/passwd from my linux server it gonna overite my 
> centos5 /etc/passwd file as there r new users n also new groups create 
> when i installed centos5 n software also i see that the /etc/shadow 
> has only read permisson for root so cant be over written
> is there a way i cd possiblly have the existing users with thier 
> password on centos5 so i dont have to ask them for their passwords n 
> create all users again

Create copies of /etc/{passwd,shadow,group} from the original system.
Edit the copies to EXCLUDE existing user/groups.
Append the remaining entries to the existing file.


cp /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.old   # from the old system
vim passwd.old  (and edit out the existing entries)
copy passwd.old   to the new system
cat passwd.old  >> /etc/passwd   (notice the '>>')

Repeat for group & shadow.


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