[CentOS] Active Directory

Adriatik Allamani aallamani at ert.gov.al
Wed Jul 25 11:28:07 UTC 2007

How about the other Linux OS?
Feodora is able to serve AD?

Adriatik Allamani

On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 09:41 +0200, Andreas Rogge wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 25.07.2007, 09:05 +0200 schrieb Adriatik Allamani:
> > Thanks a lot for the help.
> > 
> > Actually I am interested in using CentOS as Server for the AD and not to
> > join the CentOS to AD.
> I'm really sorry to tell you, but CentOS is unable to serve something
> like AD. The only thing that CentOS can do is serve a NT 4.0 style
> domain with Samba, but that lacks many of the AD-Features. 
> For example you won't get kerberos or a real directory service. There is
> actually a method to run group policies with samba, but this requires a
> software that must be licensed for every windows pc.
> If you're sure that you only need the NT4-features you can migrate,
> however I don't think you can use CentOS/samba as a drop-in replacement,
> because you'd have to rejoin the domain so the clients realize it isn't
> AD anymore.
> Regards,
> Andreas Rogge
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