[CentOS] Re: Centos as a desktop, advisable?

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Jul 26 12:47:05 UTC 2007

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, beast wrote:

> On 26/07/07 17:57 +0800, Feizhou wrote:
> > >If I choose this path, can it be automatically done using yum with local
> > >repository? what about existing data/settings/custom apps/etc? anyone has
> > >real experiences on upgrading OS?
> >
> >You really want apt and deb based distros like ubuntu if you want to go this
> >route.
> Are you saying that upgrading Centos is not advisable/reliable path and
> Ubuntu is better in this area?
> (pls, im not trying to start flame, pardon my ignorance :)

Either you choose a stable operating system, like CentOS, RHEL or Ubuntu LTS.

Or you choose a current distribution that updates every X months, like 
Fedora, Ubuntu or OpenSUSE.

The first will offer you security updates without the need to upgrade the 
OS or applications for X years. You have the ability to go to a newer 
stable release roughly every 2 years.

For CentOS/RHEL: X = 7, for Ubuntu LTS: X = 5 (with the note that Ubuntu 
LTS has not proven that it can keep up with supporting older releases as 
there have not been any)

The latter will require you to upgrade every X months, which means all 
applications are updated to newer versions. With all related consequences.

There really is nothing in between, unless you build and update 
applications/packages yourself when there is the demand for that.

So if someone says you have to go with Ubuntu, the problem remains. Do you 
go with Ubuntu LTS (stable, no new versions) or with Ubuntu (always latest 
and greatest). The difference is that it seems as if Ubuntu offers 
everything because it is called the same, but you're stuck making the same 

> > >Personally, I never upgrade the OS. I simply install the fresh one, but its
> > >fine on my laptop, not for my clients.
> >
> >Use images then if all your 400 workstations are identical.
> Yes, previously I just clone the HD, but thats ok only for new install, not
> preserving the data/user settings.
> I'm willing to go to every clients at first install if needed, but not every
> year or so
> for maintenance. I need setup and forget setup :-p

So you don't want to install the latest and greatest Open Office when it 
comes out, do you ? Otherwise don't plan to forget ! (people will scream 
if the new Open Office is different when they come back from vacation)

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