[CentOS] Thank you: Wiki data for adding 3rd party repository, ProtectBase and Priorities

drew einhorn drew.einhorn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 19:34:49 UTC 2007

>     epel exists, but not ready for prime time?  I'm assuming that
> >     when it is ready it will go here.
> EPEL isn't a CentOS repo ... as all the other ones you have listed above
> are.  It is your box though, so you can put it where you want.  I would
> have it in the other 3rd party repos section though

One thing to remember is you can have 99 priorities ... so you can have
> one for each repo if there is overlap of packages ... that will keep you
> always getting packageA from the higher priority repo (say dag over
> kbs-CentOS-Extras as an example).
> You can also skip 5 or 10 between repos instead of one, which makes it
> easy to throw something in the middle between 2 packagesif you need to.

I think epel probably goes between 3 and 4,
so I think we need the wider for it.

Will repost my final set of priorities once the stream of suggestions
dries up.

Drew Einhorn
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