[CentOS] Re: KStars on CentOS 4.4?

Lanny Marcus mailing-lists at computer2.com
Fri Jul 27 13:29:52 UTC 2007

On 26 July 2007, Scott Silva wrote:
> IF it is in Fedora 6, it might be available for Centos 5, or you might
> be able to re-compile the src rpm.

Scott: This is going to be a huge *LEARNING* experience for me! :-) Many
*newbie* questions here:  Will it be better for me to get KStars only,
from the KStars web site, which comes with a warning (see below), or
from Fedora, which is much closer to CentOS? The problem is that it
normally is inside the KDE Edutainment RPM and if I get it from Fedora,
it will probably be inside that. If I get the KDE Edutainment SRC RPM
from Fedora, which version of Fedora should I get it from for CentOS
4.4? (You wrote FC6 for CentOS 5). The kdeedu RPM is not on the CentOS
4.4 DVD. I'm assuming it's not on the CentOS 5.0 DVD, but I don't have
that yet. If I'm able to make an RPM for KStars only, I would not plan
to install kdeedu later. However, I suspect there may be dependency
issues, with other KDE stuff, etc.  There is *no* way I will be able to
get my wife to use CentOS on her box, if she cannot use KStars! Even my
6 year old daughter wanted to use KStars last night, so her box is
another demanding KStars user.     TIA,  Lanny in Colombia

> Download:
> The official version of KStars is the version shipped with the KDE
> Edutainment module. However, we also offer an independent tarball of
> the KStars code for download. Our latest release is based on the
> KDE_3_5_BRANCH codebase, shortly after KDE 3.5.2 was tagged.
> kstars-1.2.tar.bz2 (7 MB)
> (this is an indirect link, so don't use "Save link as...")
> You may also be interested in our periodic SVN snapshot releases, or
> perhaps you'd like to download the SVN code directly.
> Note on version numbers: the last tarball release was called "3.3
> snapshot", but the internal version of that release was 1.0.x. We have
> decided to return to using our internal version numbers for these
> tarball releases. Sorry for any confusion.
> Note to packagers: If your distribution normally ships a kdeedu
> package, rather than individual packages for each app, please do not
> package this release. If a user installs a kstars-only package, they
> may have problems trying to install a kdeedu package later.

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