SOLVED: Re: [CentOS] KStars on CentOS 4.4?

Lanny Marcus mailing-lists at
Fri Jul 27 16:47:53 UTC 2007

I was able to install the kdeedu RPM, from the Fedora Core 3 Install
DVD, without any problem, on my CentOS 4.4 box and KStars is up and
running and has been updated.  :-)

The bad news is that I didn't learn anything, by doing it this quick
and simple way, so now I'm going to begin reading about creating my own

When I get the CentOS 5.0 install DVD, that will be another issue
for getting KStars installed. Thanks to those who responded! KStars
is a very powerful and a very elegant program, for anyone interested
in Astronomy.  Lanny 

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