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Dear All,

I have recently installed centOS 5 on DELL pentium 2.7ghz (model optiplex
GX270) and have 512 memory

but the OS free command show me

Mem:        473876     469892       3984          0      11288      69384
-/+ buffers/cache:     389220      84656
Swap:      1020088          0    1020088

also cat /proc/meminfo show me same

MemTotal:       473876 kB
MemFree:          4108 kB
Buffers:         11040 kB
Cached:          69376 kB
SwapCached:          0 kB
Active:         374072 kB
Inactive:        67712 kB
HighTotal:           0 kB
HighFree:            0 kB
LowTotal:       473876 kB
LowFree:          4108 kB

also top gives me the same info

why i am loosing the memory..
appreciate your help

Thanks n reagrds


Network Administrator

Does the gx270 have integrated video, ie on the motherboard ?

If so the missing RAM is more than likely being used by your video card.

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