[CentOS] Re: Hard disk recomendation for a software raid 5 array. Does Linux Software Raid support/interacts well with TLER enabled disks.

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Sun Jul 29 09:50:05 UTC 2007

On Saturday 28 July 2007, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Alexander Georgiev wrote:
> > Ok, and should I mix disks from different vendors? I have read
> > somewhere that this augments the reliability of the array, lowering
> > the probability of 2 disks and more go down simultaneously?
> Not necessarily from different vendors as much as from different build
> lots, etc.
> The theory is ... items build from the same components at the same time
> and the same place should fail/EOL at about the same time (all things
> being equal).
> In practice, I have not seen that.

I havn't seen that either. But what I have seen is a raid controller acting up 
as a function of some random micro property of a specific drive model. So, I 
would very much not want more than one type of drive in a raid as that would 
double the amount of strangeness the controller would have to deal with.

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