[CentOS] Re: Mixing RPMforge and EPEL (Was: EPEL repo)

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Mon Jul 30 18:05:25 UTC 2007

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007, Les Mikesell wrote:

>> ATM we'll just live and let live, and there will not be any one-side
>> effort to rectify any compatibility issues EPEL created. It's their
>> mess, they'll have to clean it up.
> Live and let die, you mean - at least as far as the users 
> are concerned.  I don't think this issue has any solution 
> other than separate namespaces.


Your issue belongs on another list -- the 'mark by nameing' 
the rpm's in a way obvious to a low sophistication user (rather 
than some checksum based method that does not exist) has been 
proposed and rejected already.

sad, but still the case.  We'll be having pain for this for 
years and years. See:

Please read the archive and the back thread leading up to it. 
Several @redhat.com showed up to pack the gallery at the 'last 
chance' epel meeting which could have avoided this train wreck

-- Russ Herrold

-------------------- highlighted extract --------------------

00:03 <       knurd> | I'm wondering if we should try a 
different route: ask the FPC for a official statement if repotags
are fine for them

00:05 <        spot> | we're not going to give that statement.
00:05 <        spot> | just as an FYI

00:05 <       knurd> | spot, ohh, I didn#t expect you would be around
00:05 <       knurd> | spot, why? 
00:05 <       spot> | if you really want repotags vote on it, 
and we'll figure out how to implement them.

00:06 <        spot> | its not our domain to decide whether 
they're ok or not, thats FESCo

00:06 <       knurd> | spot, would you share your opnion on 
00:07 <        spot> | I don't know what technical problem 
they solve.
00:07 <    dgilmore> | spot: none
00:07 <        spot> | They clutter up the namespace.
00:07 <       knurd> | dag tried to explain one two me, and it 
made a bit of sense
00:07 <       nirik> | they allow end users to trivially see 
what repo packages are causing them conflicts/problems... or 
so the theory goes.
00:07 <       knurd> | say there is clamav in both epel and 
dags repo
00:07 <    dgilmore> | i dont know how any sane person can 
expect to mix repos providing the same packages and get a consistent
and sane result
00:07 <       knurd> | with different sub-packages
00:07            --> | smooge (Stephen J Smoogen)  has joined
00:08 <        spot> | i'd tend to agree that mixing repos 
with the same packagesets == BOOM
00:08 <        spot> | and repotags won't resolve that.

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