[CentOS] kmod-drbd-smp (2.6.9-55.0.2.EL) has unknown symbols (kmod-drbd not).

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Tue Jul 31 10:17:08 UTC 2007

Martin Hamant wrote:
> Hi !
> Not very blocking because the smp module loads perfectly.
> <snip>

OK ... there was a problem with some of the drbd modules (all except the
smp ones).  This problem is now fixed and the changes are syncing to the

The new version is: kmod-drbd-0.7.24-2.<kernel-version>.

The old (broken) ones have been removed.

> (PS: I think something really needs to be done with the --exclude / plus
> issue)

OK ... For the drbd-kmod*.plus kernels, they are now in the CentOSPlus
directory / Repository.  If you are using CentOSPlus kernel, you need to
also get your module for DRBD (or XFS) from there too.

If you are using the Base Kernel (non-Plus one) then you would get your
DRBD Modules (or XFS modules) from extras.

This should prevent the exclude requirement to get non-Plus kernel modules.

SO ... if you need a module for the base kernel, it is in extras ... if
you need a module for the centosplus kernel, it is in centosplus.

Johnny Hughes

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