[CentOS] Snare client and 64-bit CentOS 5?

Wed Jul 4 02:15:24 UTC 2007
Scott Ehrlich <scott at MIT.EDU>

I've installed 64-bit snare client 1.1.1 from sourceforge on a 64-bit 
installation of CentOS 5.  I learned that at least previous versions were 
configurable via a web connection to localhost:6161, but starting firefox and 
trying http://localhost:6161 reveals an endless attempt at the connection.

nmap -sT -sU -p 0-65535 localhost reveals port 6161/tcp and 6161/udp as 
filtered.   Firewall is enabled with the exception of 6161 tcp and udp, along 
with SELinux.

Is snare client still configurable via localhost:6161?  If so, why is it 
filtered? The machine has been rebooted many times for other configuration 
reasons, thus the firewall exception, I would think, would have opened the 

I did also disable the firewall, rebooted, and still no web connection - 
firefox just hangs trying to connect.

Thanks for any insights/assistance.