[CentOS] Major problem with software raid

Fri Jul 27 01:43:05 UTC 2007
ajulvestad <ajulvestad at n4f.no>

Ok, this is the case:

I've got two raid-5 arrays with software raid, both with three disks. 

md0 has hdb2, hdd1 and sda1
md1 has hdb5, hdd3 and sda3 

Tonight, the system lost power due to a power spike. The result was a reboot 
where it attempted to fix the raid, but it didn't exactly work. I have now 
booted a live CD and using utilities there. 

It seems the checksum value is slightly off for all disks. And the update 
time is the same for some disks, but not all. 

When I try mdadm --assemble /dev/md1 (or md0) with various options like 
force, scan, auto, etc - I get error messages like only 1 drive found, not 
enough.. no disks found and no mention of md0/1 found in config file. 

What should I do? Which partitions (two in each array) do I pick as "these 
two are the one I should rebuild with"? And how do I actually FORCE mdadm to 
start an array with those two set devices? 

See files in http://gandalf.n4f.no/~aj/md/ for output from mdadm. 

Assistance deeply appreciated...